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Blackout Coffee Co.


Blackout Coffee Co. is a prominent online coffee roastery celebrated for its high-quality specialty coffee, deeply rooted in traditional American values and supportive of the military, first responders, and hardworking Americans nationwide.

Collaborating with TAS Digital, Blackout Coffee Co. realized remarkable success, solely through targeted email, SMS, and push notification strategies. This focused digital marketing approach yielded over $4 million in sales within a 12-month period, demonstrating the significant impact and effectiveness of these carefully crafted campaigns in driving revenue and enhancing customer engagement.

Quality Garden Supplies

£850,000 in 6 months - Reaching 42.7% Attributed Revenue

Quality Garden Supplies Ltd is a premier provider of garden and landscaping supplies in the UK, catering to both the public and trade sectors with a focus on quality and service. Starting from scratch with no Klaviyo email account, TAS Digital successfully generated £850,000 in sales within six months for QGS, attributing almost 41% of this revenue to strategic email marketing efforts

Baxter Blue

from 15% to 36.8% Attributed Revenue

Baxter Blue is an Australian company specializing in digital wellbeing, offering products like blue light glasses and wellness accessories. In collaboration with TAS Digital, Baxter Blue achieved significant enhancements in their email marketing performance. As part of our service agreement, TAS Digital successfully increased the email marketing revenue contribution for Baxter Blue from 15% to 36.8%. This outcome demonstrates our commitment to meeting and surpassing client objectives, highlighting our expertise in optimizing email marketing strategies for measurable business growth.

Nature Hedonist


Nature Hedonist is an emerging UAE-based retail enterprise, recently triumphed in the prestigious Access Sharjah Challenge as the top retailer brand. With a focus on designing superior linen garments, the brand’s distinctive aesthetic captivates a diverse clientele and positions it to significantly impact the global fashion industry.


From $25,671.73 to $48,084.97 in a single month

We revitalized JuvaBun's email campaigns, a brand offering quality, affordable wigs for women with hair thinning challenges. Our strategy, focused on personalized communication and diverse marketing tactics aligned with JuvaBun's values, led to impressive results. In just one month, revenue surged by 87%, from $25,671.73 to $48,084.97, highlighting the success of our tailored approach and commitment to brand integrity.

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