Quality Garden Supplies

£850,000 in 6 months - Reaching 42.7% Attributed Revenue

Quality Garden Supplies Ltd is a premier provider of garden and landscaping supplies in the UK, catering to both the public and trade sectors with a focus on quality and service. Starting from scratch with no Klaviyo email account, TAS Digital successfully generated £850,000 in sales within six months for QGS, attributing almost 41% of this revenue to strategic email marketing efforts


Attributed Revenue


Email/SMS/Push Revenue



TAS Digital email marketing agency skillfully managed and executed 12-15 monthly email campaigns for Quality Garden Supplies (QGS). Additionally, we optimized advanced custom email flows, a strategic approach that significantly enhanced performance. This meticulous and targeted effort resulted in an impressive 30% of QGS's revenue being attributed to email marketing in just 60 days, and later on, reached over 40%. Furthermore, some of the campaigns consistently generated revenues of £7,500, demonstrating the tangible impact and effectiveness of our email marketing strategies.

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