From $25,671.73 to $48,084.97 in a single month

We revitalized JuvaBun's email campaigns, a brand offering quality, affordable wigs for women with hair thinning challenges. Our strategy, focused on personalized communication and diverse marketing tactics aligned with JuvaBun's values, led to impressive results. In just one month, revenue surged by 87%, from $25,671.73 to $48,084.97, highlighting the success of our tailored approach and commitment to brand integrity.


Attributed Revenue


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Since taking over the email campaigns in February 2022, TAS Digital achieved remarkable growth for JuvaBun. The numbers surged from $25,671.73 to an impressive $48,084.97 in March, showcasing a tremendous 87% growth in a single month. This success demonstrated the effectiveness of the implemented strategies and the dedication to maintaining the brand's continuity and professionalism.

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