Baxter Blue

from 15% to 36.8% Attributed Revenue

Baxter Blue is an Australian company specializing in digital wellbeing, offering products like blue light glasses and wellness accessories. In collaboration with TAS Digital, Baxter Blue achieved significant enhancements in their email marketing performance. As part of our service agreement, TAS Digital successfully increased the email marketing revenue contribution for Baxter Blue from 15% to 36.8%. This outcome demonstrates our commitment to meeting and surpassing client objectives, highlighting our expertise in optimizing email marketing strategies for measurable business growth.


Attributed Revenue


Email/SMS/Push Revenue



TAS Digital, an adept email marketing agency, realized a notable 73% increase in sales for Baxter Blue over a period of three months. This significant growth includes an estimated improvement of 200% in both automated email flows and campaign-driven sales. This achievement underscores the efficiency and impact of our targeted email marketing strategies, which were tailored specifically to amplify Baxter Blue's market presence and sales performance.

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